Dire Straits: Multimedia Arts Exhibit

Motion Graphics, Post Production, Print

Dire Straits: Multimedia Arts Exhibit


Iana Abinoja
Renzee Aparis
Lorenz Cabanos
Jolas De Leon
Maryan Duritan
Carla Ellett
Karelle Fernando
Charles Gonzales
Ran Joplo
Alvenson Ong
Allan Pe
Josh Roca
Nick Ronquillo
Kaye So Kua
Nicole Soltes
Larisse Tapel
Nikki Tuason

Event countdown art by Ran Joplo

Dire Straits is an exhibit organized by 17 multimedia arts students of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, held on November 22 – 24, 2012 at SMX Convention Center, Meeting Rooms 12 &13.

My Roles

Art director, logo designer, motion designer, video editor, and illustrator

Being an artist is a gamble in life. In a world where trends constantly change, demands of society rise, good artists growing in number, and more thieves getting smarter, our future becomes wearisome and uncertain.

Art is more than just a method of self-expression but also about conveying an important message through different mediums. Contrary to popular belief, artists do not just illustrate or picture beautiful things simply because they are inspired or just grabbing attention. Creativity is not a characteristic that is instantly acquired, but rather developed through time, research, and practice.

The real challenge only begins during the process of creating the masterpiece. Every project is a different chase as artists run after unpredictable clients. They try to please them aesthetically by all means, even if some could be the most unappreciative of their hard work. We, as artists, live and breathe in Dire Straits. We bask in a state of extreme distress.

As stated by Mark Frees, a professor in naval history, the etymology of Dire Straits originated in the 15th century where sea navigators would maneuver their ships to get across the perilous straits of the ocean. To get safely through the straits, one must have tremendous skill and a steady hand to lead the crew. Now, the term, being in ‘dire straits,’ is used to describe any difficult situation.

Yet to artists like us, this is what passion truly means — finding ways to bring our ideas to life, taking the journey of great lengths with just a pen and paper, and going from zero to hero. As the saying goes, the future belongs to the few of us who are willing to get their hands dirty.

At the end of the day, it’s about the fulfillment of imprinting our signatures behind. It’s about reading our names when the credits roll. It’s about inspiring the next generation. It’s about the precious smiles we passed on through our artworks. — Nicole Soltes

Collaborative illustrated playing cards by the exhibitors
King of Diamonds and 2 of Hearts by Ran Joplo
Brochures designed by Renzee Aparis
Interactive portfolio app made by Maryan Duritan

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